Aconitum (Free download​!​)

by Cerridwen

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Cerrdiwen's first album, a four song EP.


released 29 October 2013

Cavan Wagner - guitar and growls
Genevieve Dunn - vocals
Jenn Grunigen - drums
John Thomas - keyboards and piano
Josh Bartylla - bass

All music and lyrics - Cerridwen

Engineering - Benjamin DeVore
Mixing and mastering - Cavan Wagner
Pipe organ engineering - Matthew Eschbach

Guest Musicians:
Ashlyn L. Stoddard - Flutes (track 2)
Lucas van de Ven and Erin Palmer - Oboes (track 2)
Audrey Miller - Clarinets (track 2)
Coltan Stone Foster - Bassoons (track 2)
Corin - Horns (tracks 2 and 4)
Andrew Bybee - Trumpets (track 2)
Leah Stephens - Trombones(track 2)
Matt Polluck - Tuba (track 2)
Kramer Elwell - Triangle & Timpani (track 2)
Austin Richey - Bass Drum & Tubular Bells (track 2)
Alex Mangubat - First Violins (tracks 2 and 4)
Benjamin DeVore - Second Violins (tracks 2 and 4)
Kaitlin E. Mitchell - Violas (tracks 2 and 4)
Tobin "Magic Fingers" Schindler - Cellos (tracks 2 and 4)
Kyle Grim - Contrabass (track 2)



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Track Name: Lanaera
Belladonna is born
with broken wings pierced by thorn.
Soul-keeper once sang her sorrow
a call the dead forever followed.

Within a dark and wooded place,
seek the man with scar-worn face.
Forgotten waltz and broken strings,
he's naught but songs in minor keys.

Lanaera, your soul,
an ash and smoke rose.
Hollow songs you compose,

A vow they made while treachery slept,
where iris faded and nightshade crept.

Seraph, once, a garden knew,
yet twisted, blackened flowers grew.
And one, therein, once in a storm,
its petals lost and leaves had worn.

Lanaera, your soul,
an ash and smoke rose.
Hollow songs you compose,

Lanaera, your soul,
an ash and smoke rose.
Hollow songs you compose,
withered rose at your core,
Medusa-smile he endured,
Track Name: Dorian
Wake, O Dreaming One, for the moonlit night
Now calls her children
Long for memories of before you were quite
So stained and broken

Walk amongst repulsive vanity
To seek your solace
She, your vestige of humanity
Who loves the loveless

Pass through the night with your dream by your side
She smiles as she kisses the tears from your cheek
Lost in a life, watch your world slowly break
And crave that which can never be

Unliving Life, Undying Death
By teeth embraced, by blood sustained
What whisper then, while sunlight slept
Did mend thy dearest of dreams

O Dorian

Silent snowfall, peace from the masquerade
Unbind your secrets
Her acceptance gain, though your strength now fades
And life-force weakens

Dawn in the east shatters darkness and hope
Bloodless eve makes you weak in the light
She offers her life, and your dreams finally die
Yet you crave what you should never taste

Unliving Life, Undying Death
By teeth embraced, by blood sustained
What sacrifice when sunlight woke
Did rend thy dearest of dreams?
Track Name: Hero's Pyre
On wings of death a ships ascends
across the seas and skies.
As seaborn flows the ocean dirge
for when a hero dies.

Thousands gather on the shore,
on eighty ships they fly.
They call down storms of war and death
and scream the battle cry.

Come Valhalla's Valkyrie
this night we ride again.
A thousand fold in blood we pay,
to Odin's Gate we send.

Your hero died, these fields will reek
Forsaken dead will find no peace
Our hero fought for home and land,
for blood he lost you too shall bleed.
We pay him back and set him free,
with pyre and ship and open sea.

Seawinds bring the hero's call
that leads the fallen home.
With victory the dead now come
to feast in Odin's Hall.
Track Name: I'laerdhil
Gone are the sunlit skies
And green of the forest life
Such things fade, are worn away
My homeland now withers gray.

The wolves lead you here to me
They cry of your coming
My life ends on solstice night
When nightmare will come alive...

Distant, the winds bring
Forsaken cries
Harsh winter's aria
Foretells cold bloodtide

Beneath the bloodred solstice night
Snared by wolfsbane, a whispered vestige,
the dead-one's pawn bound by wreckage.

Blood from fey and solstice tide
Moonlight cast upon the rite
A leichen spell to give death life.

Distant is hope, then
Wolf-magick wrought
Breaks chains with forest hymn.
By song comes bloodrite's end.

Gone are the bloodred skies
And ash of the undead life.
In cracks of the ruined stone,
Green comes, memories of home.